What are the exploits of Lakers in basketball ?

The group of the Lakers is from Los Angeles. It is one of the big and known teams of basketball. They play home matches in NBA, and they have a great opportunity to win in many matches. Since 2009, The group of Lakers is directed by Bryant, who is a professional player of Basketball. By playing several matches, the Lakers had realized many kinds of exploits. That is one of the reasons why they are known in all the world. They have a long winning streak that is important to know. Here are the exploits of Lakers in Basketball.

Obtaining the title of showtime

Since the years 1980, the Lakers had been nicknamed ‘’Showtime’’. That name is given to the lakersnation because they have A great capacity of attack and a great force of realization of the goals during the matches, whatever their size and the type of opponent they face. Then, many people had known them as the more performant group of basketball. They attract more fans and that can help them to obtain a lot of supporters. The team has won FIVE NBA titles, making it a leader in its field. This has given them the opportunity to make a name for themselves on the national and international scene. But, that is not the only one exploits of this basketball team. 

Winning consecutive titles between 2000 and 2002 

Thanks to their dynamism and their competence in the game, the Lakers had won consecutive titles between 2000 and 2002. In effect, it is in total more than 3 titles. For this reason, they have obtained the title of ‘’three-peat’’. This exploit of the Lakers had allowed them to develop a great visibility on the world and to perform their game. During this year, they are directed by the coach Phil Jackson, who is also a dynamic and competent coach. Then, the visibility of the group of Lakers is stayed in evolution for a long time. They had the opportunity to play with others dynamics and performant teams of basketball, and they have won. That can give them a great place between the best groups. 

A record of 33 consecutive games

If the Lakers are classed in the best today, it is because of their matches records. In effect, they have won 33 consecutive games. That is a great record that no one has yet reached for years. Then, this is an opportunity for them, and they are regularly appreciated by many fans of basketball. Nowadays, the exploits of the Lakers are known and published in all the actualities of basketball. As they discover new games, they develop new strategies and manage to win over their opponents. With the guidance of top coach James LEBRON, this Los Angeles team is still very successful so far. 

The great wealth of the Lakers' group

Because of their capacities and their winnings, the Lakers are known as the more rich group of basketball. In effect, their financial value in 2012 is up to more than $900 million. That amount is very numerous and there is really no other team that could make this great achievement. So, the exploits of the Lakers in Basketball are very numerous and that is the reason why they are known all other the world.