UK firms ask for details of post-lockdown opening for planning purposes

Companies in Britain are worried about what would happen to their workers post-lockdown. They have now told the UK government to be more transparent towards them. 

UK's businesses call for government talks over post-lockdown operations 

Business executives in Britain have asked the government to be more transparent in its effort to help the industry after lockdown restrictions have been lifted. They called for the government to work with them in creating a viable road map to encourage more investment into the economy.

 Writing a letter to Finance secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, the CBI(Confederation of British Industry) has said this is the best time to plan for how the UK economy will reopen. Most firms are unaware of plans to lift the country out of an economic deficit. According to a government spokesperson, lockdown will soon be relaxed. 

CBI said all hands must be on deck for UK reopening 

However, the CBI, which represents about 200,000 UK businesses said they all have to work together to plan for a safe reopen of the economy to investors. In a Letter shown to reporters, the CBI director says, '' with most health officials in crises and regulatory mode businessmen with the government can use the available time to prepare for a successful economic transition now''' '' 90% of UK business are '' in the dark '' about the next step ahead and this is having dire consent investments and capital growth. 

We all need more transparency and prep work which will allow us to be ready whenever the restrictions are relaxed '' Mr. Danker hopes the government can show more clarity on low and high-risk economics. 

Furthermore, he calls on the government to explain how sectors like Travel, leisure, and hospitality will be helped to return to post - COVID-19 status. He concluded by saying neglecting these crucial sectors will not augur well for the country in the future.