The benefits of a cloud-based call center

The global cloud market is growing at an impressive and steady pace. That's because it's a tool that allows companies to deliver a next-level customer experience. Some businesses are still unaware of the benefits of basing their call center on the cloud and still doing it on-premises. In this article, we'll talk about those benefits.


In addition to being versatile, agents are also highly efficient in their work using the cloud solution. In fact,the intuitive interface gives the agent the ability to obtain, through different channels, the customer's data. The main channels used are the ccaas. These are channels that also help them to provide a precise solution to each case. Features like IVR, callback and ACD also help them save time. At the same time, AI directs customers to specialized agents to optimize the processing. Thanks to the cloud solution, the performance level of the agents is also improved. In fact, this is what allows them to better process the customer's request. Thus, customers will be delighted as they will see a customer service that will not only save their time but also handle their problem with ease. Agents will feel more empowered, which will boost their efficiency, etc. In short, the cloud-based solution is beneficial for both the customer and the company.


When needed, the cloud allows companies to be highly scalable. For example, when the rate of demand increases precisely during the holiday season, additional agents can be employed given the need. This is all done with the goal of making unlimited scalability possible. The goal is to avoid keeping customers waiting too long, which could lead to dissatisfaction. Scalability thus allows to keep the customers in one way or another. You should also know that cloud computing is a very cost-effective solution in that it reduces the costs required by on-premise solutions. For example, upgrading to cloud-hosted solutions can be done at an affordable price. This reduction allows call centers to integrate platforms while reducing prices and then use the pay-per-use system. It is also advisable that you take the time to use the free trial to test the solution.


With cloud solutions, the security of your call center will be significantly improved. For example, there is the hybrid cloud, which gives you the possibility to secure in a private cloud the sensitive data of the customer. Also in a public cloud, everything related to less sensitive data, which is cheaper for you. In other words, cloud solutions offer disaster recovery features. These functions are more developed than those available on site. For outages caused by natural disasters or other catastrophes, sites are not equipped to handle these outages. Keep in mind that this can impact workflow. However, this is the opposite of the cloud solution. It provides features that allow agents to contact customers directly on their cell phones in case of an outage. This solution avoids the temporary suspension of operations, allowing customers to all have assistance. 

Here are the advantages of a cloud solution for a call center.