India accuses singer Rihanna of irresponsibility over Farmers clash

The crises between the Indian government and farmers has continued with no end in sight. However, the Indian government has condemned singer Rihanna for her support for the farmers. 

Rihanna blasted for supporting Indian farmers 

The Indian government has said stars and foreign celebrities have engaged in acts of sensationalism over the recent farmers' clash in India. This statement follows a tweet by star singer Rihanna where she seems to support the protesting farmers. 

A Few hours after her tweet, other personalities like Greta Thunberg and Niece Mena tweeted in support of the Indian farmers. The support of these foreign stars has gathered thousands of retweets. Farmers in Indian have been at the throat of the government over new farm policies that they considered unfavorable.

 On Tuesday morning, India's external affairs minister said the parliament has passed good laws that affect the agricultural sector in the country after a detailed debate with all parties. 

'' It is worrying that there are social media hashtags and comments which are encouraged by some celebrities to spread hate and misinformation '' He said. 

The pop singer reacted to disruptions in Indian internet services 

Rihanna reacted to news bordering on internet services disruption in locations close to where protests are done. The Indian government has last week suspended services in areas close to Delhi where thousands of farmers are known to be demonstrating. 

Various media platforms reported that the farmer's clash last week led to the death of at least nine individuals with several people sustaining injuries. Indian farmers groups and unions said the violence is unfortunate, but that won't deter them from continuing the protests. 

While Rihanna's support gathered much support, some felt she shouldn't have talked about an issue that doesn't concern her. A top Indian actress, Kangana Renault, who is a known ally of the Prime Minister has said, people who are not Indians should stay away and not try to divide the country.