Criteria for finding the best shower faucet

The shower faucet consists, at a minimum, of a shower set including the faucet, connected to the shower head by a hose, as well as a mounting bracket. It is also possible to install a shower column, which will add comfort options to your shower such as a high head. From the mixer to the column, built-in, all our advice to find the solution that will suit your needs.

Shower taps, the basics : tap, shower head, hose and fixing

The shower faucet brings together the 4 essential elements in a shower such as : the shower faucet, the shower hose. Shower head, hand shower wall bracket or a shower bar slider to attach the head to it. Each of these can be purchased separately or as a kit with a wall bracket or shower bar. Typically, the kits include the shower head, hose, and bracket or shower bar, but the shower faucet is usually purchased separately. You can find such a tap, to do so click here for info.

Discover more about the shower faucet

The shower faucet. To differentiate it from the bathtub faucet, the shower faucet does not have a spout, but a connector on which the shower hose is screwed or clipped. There are, mainly, 3 types of shower faucet : The mixer. It has two knobs, one for cold water flow, the other for hot water. It is therefore necessary to adjust the flow of the two levers to obtain the desired temperature, which can cause a moment of discomfort and wasted water. Discover all the shower mixers. The mechanical mixer. It features a single handle that controls both temperature on one axis and water flow on another. While it is easier to operate with one hand, the water temperature setting still needs to be fine-tuned with each use. As more information remains, go to the site mentioned above to see all about this shower faucet.