Cocktails offered by the Sassy brand of drinks

Designed to be drunk straight, the drinks offered by Sassy can be used to make cocktails. Although the ciders from Normandy are already a delight, mixing them with other products makes them even more enjoyable. Indeed, the different cocktails offered are especially inspired by experts in the field. We invite you to discover what's behind the Sassy house mixes.  

Sassy's classic cocktails

Enjoying a Sassy cocktail is the first concern of the company's managers. For more information get redirected here. The mix that takes the top spot among the classics is Gin and Pear. This cocktail is made with at least 20ml of gin, 10ml of agave syrup, and a small bottle of SASSY Poiré. To finish, the container is garnished with a slice of lime. 

To concoct the Rosé Negroni cocktail, it is necessary to mix about thirty milliliters of vermouth, especially of red color, and a small quantity of Campari. To give it the perfect taste, add the SASSY Cidre Rosé. Both cocktails presented here are a delight to sip. 

Cocktails inspired by experts 

For parties, serving cocktails to add color to the event is one of the best ideas ever. Present your guests with the Shanghai Twist, for example, and you'll see festive faces until the end of your feast. This cocktail is composed of Cambridge Gin and a good amount of SASSY Cidre Rosé Cordial. Lemongrass, honey, ginger, and cloves are also part of this mix. 

The Apple is also another variety of cocktails coming straight from Sassy. Composed of Vodka, Calvados, and Riesling verjuice, this mix is what you will need to spend beautiful evenings. To get yours you can click on the link above.