Bodybuilding: what are the necessary substances

The practice of bodybuilding requires a considerable intake of certain food supplements that are too often neglected. It is true that protein is not a primary source of energy during exercise, but it is important in the recycling mechanism and also when energy reserves are weakened. Discover in this article, the food supplements that can contribute to muscle building.


The importance of protein

The human body needs a good quality of protein to function properly. Being important, even vital for athletes, the consumption of protein allows them to maintain their form. For more information, visit the site. In fact, proteins allow you to repair damaged tissues. Whether animal or vegetable, proteins play a very strategic role in the repair process of damaged cells during a training session. Thus, they will facilitate the renewal of damaged cells, during muscle recovery.



Creatine is a dietary supplement schematized by the liver, pancreas and kidneys. It is used by the body to keep ATP intact in the body's cells. It should be noted that the human body has an average of 100 grams of creatine. Creatine is found mainly in the skeletal muscles. These muscles are in the form of "creatine phosphate". To have more creatine, the athlete can use supplements in the form of monohydrate. This solution strengthens the body and indirectly promotes fat loss by improving basal metabolism.

Beta Alanine (BA)

Like creatine, beta-alanine is a substance that occurs naturally in the muscles.  You can get it from the amino acids that are in food. It is a food supplement that allows you to improve your performance. It also allows the athlete to train intensively and for hours.  Indeed, BA acts directly on lactic acid, the main cause of muscle fatigue. By reducing the negative effects of lactic acid, muscular performance can be improved.